Our Mission and History


The Collin County Psychological Association is a fellowship consisting of Psychology Professionals and Students. CCPA provides an opportunity for those engaged in the practice or study of psychology to interact with others involved in their vocation. We provide a multitude of resources for the exclusive use of our members. Once each month, we meet to hear from subject matter experts on topics relevant to the practice of psychology. Our monthly Professional Development Series courses, worth 1.5 CEUs, are available at no charge to our members.


With the overarching humanitarian goal of enhancing emotional wellbeing in our society, members of this Association will strive to: support, enrich and advance the practice of psychology in Collin County and surrounding areas in a manner consistent with the scientific and ethical standards espoused by the profession; assist as appropriate in the education and training of psychologists; and encourage and participate in the dissemination of psychological knowledge and information for the benefit of the members of the Association and the community at large.


Founded in 1992, the Collin County Psychological Association (CCPA) was established as a professional association whose goal was to further the role of psychology as a science and make a unique contribution to education. Initially, the idea was for the organization to serve a supportive function for local psychologists. The Association felt our needs differed enough from those of other LASs that a separate and distinct organization was desirable. As such, CCPA became a logical extension downward of APA and TPA. From the early days, when a small group of local psychologists met at Tino’s Mexican Restaurant to share ideas and friendship, CCPA has come a long way as an organization. Our mission however,  has remained faithful to the original intent and goals. It’s all about Psychology!

In 2020, CCPA filed the necessary paperwork and officially became an IRS approved 501(c)(6) Non-profit Professional Association.