Election 2022

This page contains information to help familiarize the members with the candidates running for office in the 2022-2023 election. Click the link in the middle of the page for additional information about this year’s candidates. In addition to the Executive Committee positions, there are two ballot measures up for a vote. Once we gain approval, we will update the Constitution and Bylaws accordingly.

Office of the President-elect

Teresa Collins-Jones

Sonia Schwalen

Office of the Secretary

Candace Genest

Running Unoppossed

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Goals for office
  • Continue to develop educational programming that promotes the professional interests of psychologists in Collin County. By hosting CEU presentations that highlight advances in psychology and address the challenges we face in the profession, we can help our members meet the growing demands of providing clinical services.

  • Provide opportunities for our members to network and strengthen “our” community post-pandemic. Given the response to our 30th Anniversary Celebration (it was wonderful to see everyone in person!), many members have expressed an interest in having 2-3 social activities per year to connect and share ideas. Social networking events could occur in the Fall/Spring to allow our members to meet outside of our monthly CEU events.

  • Increase membership by 25% through increased grassroots efforts to connect with early career psychologists and psychologists who work or live in Collin County and are not current members. In addition, it may be beneficial to develop relationships with doctoral students who attend local health service psychology programs and who will one day be entering the workforce. Student/Early Career mentoring opportunities could also be explored.

  • Continue to increase awareness of advocacy efforts that psychologists can engage in to improve the lives of the residents of Collin County and the State of Texas. Our training and expertise in psychology can be used to assist our local legislators with making informed decisions that are based on psychological science.

Goals for office
  • Increase membership engagement by 25% and overall sense of community amongst CCPA members through increased networking/social events.

  • Utilize social media and video production resources to enhance the CCPA website content for the purpose of increasing membership by 25%.

  • Establish an environment of mentorship amongst the more seasoned professional psychologists that are a part of CCPA in an effort to bring on more psychologists in training.

  • Provide opportunities for members to contribute ideas for maximizing the benefit of their membership.

  • Utilize our local network of professionals to present continuing education topics that are not only interesting but also applicable to the work we are doing in Texas considering how care has changed post-pandemic and in the midst of our current social climate

  • No matter what, stay true to the values of CCPA while also balancing the use of innovative and progressive strategies for achieving the overall mission of CCPA.


Goals for office
  • Share timely information about meetings, events, member updates, and other opportunities for enrichment.

  • Explore options for sharing member profiles within CCPA.

  • Create and distribute newsletter designed to highlight member events, profiles, and seminars.

Goals for office

2022 Ballot Measures

Ballot Question #1

Along with increasing size of the membership overall, CCPA has increased its student membership dramatically over the past eight months. We foresee that this segment of the Association will continue to grow.

Under the current structure, there is no student representation in the decision-making body of CCPA. We believe that every group deserves proper representation. Therefore, this ballot question will determine if CCPA should adopt the role of Student Representative and formalize it by adding it to the Bylaws.

As the Student Representative, he/she/they will have the responsibility to audit Board meetings and advocate for the student members. In addition, the Student Representative will be responsible for promoting membership in CCPA among the student population, creating and moderating student groups and any additional responsibilities endorsed by the Board.

The Student Representative will not have a vote or be authorized to chair a committee. Their attendance will not be considered when defining a quorum.

The Student Representative will be allowed to sit on a committee if invited by the committee chairperson.

Changes or additions to the Bylaws require a simple majority for adoption.

Ballot Question #2

The most recent revision to the Constitution & Bylaws has an inconsistency that we need to address. As written, Article II states that the C&B was revised and adopted in December 2021. In reality, the C&B was revised in December 2021, voted on and ratified in January 2022, and adopted on February 25, 2022. Please vote YES to affirm this ballot measure to change the date of the adoption of the C&B.

By your affirmative vote you represent that you understand that should Ballot Question 1 pass, the C&B will bear the date of the newly revised amendments.

Changes or additions to the Constitution require an affirmative vote from three quarters of all members returning ballots.