Featured Psychologist

Dr. Laura Austin

lauraDr. Laura Austin is a pediatric psychologist with over 2 decades of experience helping kids and their families develop and thrive. She specializes in pediatric feeding and in PC-CARE informed parenting (this is a shorter version of PCIT). She works both in person and over telehealth, and can provide telehealth services in most states across the country. Feeding and parenting services can be provided individually or in a group setting. After working for children’s hospitals since 2001, she moved into private practice in early 2024. Dr. Austin has spent her career partnering with other professionals, and looks forward to creating new connections with area providers. Together we can support kids, parents and families better than any one of us can alone. She is particularly interested in partnering with clinicians who provide play therapy and counseling to kids and/or counseling support to couples. PC-CARE offers a unique short-term treatment model that allows parents to gain skills that will improve the relationship with their child and can increase harmony in co-parenting. She is also very excited to help anyone who has questions about a child’s feeding challenges. Dr. Austin can help differentiate picky eating from problem feeding, and pediatric feeding disorder from ARFID. She can then guide families on to the best next steps. To learn more visit www.austinpetriepsychology.com